Hi everyone, it’s Mandy, back for my second weekly update!

I’ve been practicing my typing. I have to say it’s kind of hard getting used to typing for 2 hours straight! I’m sure my fingers and wrists will get used to it. I love the games and especially the audio practice that gives me a more realistic idea of how good I’ll be at actual transcription.

I’m trying to lower my error rate while increasing my words per minute. It seems the faster I type the more mistakes I make, lol. I can get up to 82 words per minute already, and around 75 words per minute if I fix my mistakes as I go. I know when I’ve made a mistake most of the time without even looking, so that is good. Talking to other transcribers I realize this is going to be ongoing work.

Since working on my typing will be ongoing I am moving on to the grammar and punctuation work and tests. I probably need some work on punctuation when writing out sentences quickly. From the audio typing tests I can see it will be some thinking to create sentences and paragraphs while typing and be able to do it quickly.

So far I still think I will love legal transcription, I’m excited to get to the next section which will be actual audios of speeches! I am trying really hard to not listen to them before I am ready so I can get a realistic sense of how I will do hearing an audio and typing for the first time. Let’s see if I can hold out for a week while I do a bit more practicing and touching up on my grammar and punctuation skills.

Til next week! Mandy

Diary Week 1