First I just want to say how excited I am to be starting this journey! I’ve been thinking about becoming a transcriber for awhile now that the kids are in school full time. I think it’s something that will work with my schedule since I can work when the kids are at school or sleeping but I can still rearrange things if needed for illnesses and vacations. Working a real job just doesn’t really work when things go wrong or you want to visit family.

So anyway, I have downloaded the workbook and looked through the online class area here at Learn Legal Transcription and have decided to focus on classwork for at least 2 hours a day. I downloaded the audio program that was suggested, Transcription Buddy. I am also downloading Express Scribe to see which I like better. I ordered my transcription pedal and headphones but they aren’t here yet. The workbook does give directions on how to use keyboard shortcuts to control audio without a foot pedal, so I am trying those out but I think I will like working with the foot pedal more.

Until those get here I have moved on to the second section which is testing and improving my typing. I’ve always thought of myself as a good typist, but the faster I go, the more I can earn so I really want to get up to at least 90 words per minute. I’m at 68-70 words per minute right now. This might take awhile, lol.

While I’m just getting started, I hope that these weekly reports will show what I am learning, and then how I go about getting work and how much I am earning so I can inspire others that want to start learning legal transcription. See you next week!