Welcome to LearnLegalTranscription.com! We have compiled a list of FAQ’s below, but if you have additional questions please feel free to reach out by emailing us!

ALM Transcription LLC is a legal transcription company operating out of Virginia since 2013. We started this course in 2015 to share our in house training materials with others that would like to become transcribers or start their own legal transcription company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

We now offer Buy Now, Pay Later through Paypal, and payment options through Affirm! Both options are available at checkout when choosing a payment option.

Do you offer a certificate, or train for CET AAERT?

Yes, you will receive a certificate/letter of recognition for completing the course. The course is not a specific preparation for CET AAERT as we are teaching you how to do legal transcription not how to prepare for their exam, but we do cover most of the information they test on as you need it to do legal transcription. Most employers do not require CET AAERT to work (you used to not even be able to sit for the exam without 1 year of work experience) as they have their own testing they require potential transcribers to pass before being hired to ensure they have the skills to complete transcripts with their specific templating and rules.

Where is your company located?

Our parent company ALM Transcription LLC is located in Virginia. All of our staff is US based.

Where can I work as a legal transcriber?

Legal transcribers work in office settings for attorneys or court reporters, they work in insurance companies transcribing claim interviews, or for the police transcribing interrogations. Other legal transcribers work for companies that provide transcription services for TV, videos, meetings, training sessions, conference calls and more. With the growing demand of online schooling, many transcribers are finding a niche in working for universities as well.

How much can I earn as a legal transcriber?

Your earnings will be predicated on what type of job you take as a transcriber. Most transcribers set their billing either by the minute of audio, or by the pages created. For faster turn around you can charge more. You can see the rates ALM Transcription charges their clients here for samples.

Will you hire me after I complete the course?

There is no employment guarantee by ALM Transcription LLC, but we notify past course clients of job openings first so that you may apply. We do this because we know that if you have followed the training program, you have been trained on the exact way we complete transcripts for clients, however we do not always have openings. Our apprentice students ARE GUARANTEED 30 DAYS of working on paid transcriptions for ALM Transcription, and often become long term contractors with ALM and our other partners. 

Will you help me find a job?

We provide a growing list of companies we know that hire legal transcribers, as well as instruction on marketing yourself. However, we are NOT an employment agency and cannot guarantee you a job anywhere. What you get out of the course is what you put into it, so we know that if you finish the course you will be on your way to a successful career in legal transcription.

How long will the course take me to complete?

Because the course is completely online, you can complete the course on your schedule. The total time to complete it will depend on how much time you study and practice each day. We have students that are able to start work on actual transcripts in less than two months, and others that take a year to complete the course while they are working full time in their day job.

Can I upgrade membership levels?

Yes, just email us when you are ready to upgrade.

Do you offer a refund?

Since education is not a physical product that you can return, we cannot offer refunds, just as no other institute of higher learning can offer you a refund. What you get out of the course will depend on what you put into it. We use this course to train all of our legal transcribers at ALM Transcription LLC so we know it is effective for helping get independent contractors up to speed with working for attorneys and court reporters across the country.

Why is your course priced so much lower than others?

There are a couple of reasons we can keep the cost down. First is that this is not our main business, we actually earn our income from our transcription company ALM Transcription LLC. The training materials we provide are the exact materials we use to train our contractors, so we can keep the price as low as possible. Second, we don't add fluff to justify a higher cost. We expect people to know how to use Word, how to download files, etc. Finally, we believe education should be as affordable as possible, especially as most transcribers are career switchers with families and bills they must maintain while studying. We could raise our rates to be in line with other courses, but we don't need to, so we can pass the savings onto you.