Legal Transcription Jobs

Most legal transcribers today work for several different agencies or companies in order to make a full time living. Due to work load swings and working from home this makes sense for most independent contractors and employers themselves. Companies often have a lot of work at once, and contractors have differing schedules so opening work up to multiple people is often the easiest and fastest way to get the work done.

We’ve put together a list of companies that are often hiring legal and general transcribers. We’ve tried to note if they require experience and the types of transcription they offer. If you know of other companies that often hire please let us know so we can add them to the list! If you don’t have experience yet, think about starting our transcription course so you can start working from home as a legal transcriber!

Accutran – Accutran hires US and Canadian based transcribers that work mostly on financial documents. This means the work is cyclical throughout the year because on financial periods. The work is time sensitive and mostly evening work. Experience is preferred.

Cambridge Transcription – Cambridge focuses on legal transcription. You must have experience and send samples of redacted legal transcripts you have completed.

Caption Colorado – This company does real time captioning so you MUST be experienced and have a steno.

Cyber Dictate – Focusing on legal transcription Cyber Dictate hires transcribers with 3 years of legal experience.

eTranscription Solutions – General transcriptions, focus groups, meetings. Experience is required.

GMR Transcription – GMR offers general transcription, legal and medical transcription as well as translation services. (If you are a Spanish speaker or other foreign language speaker that can translate and transcribe there are many more transcription opportunities for higher pay around the country.) They prefer experience.

Mass Transcription – Hiring for general and legal transcription. They do ask about experience.

Net Transcripts – Net Transcripts focuses on law enforcement and legal transcription such as suspect interrogations. Experience is needed.

TASK Transcription – Legal and general transcription mostly for the California Workers Compensation group. Experience is desired, medical experience is helpful as well. Commitment of 4 hours daily is needed.

TigerFish – TigerFish has opportunities in general, legal and medical transcribing. You can download and submit the test online. They say you can learn as you go and do not list any other information about schedules or pay.

VerbaLink – VerbaLink offers transcription services in all of the transcription fields and hires US workers. They request a resume so experience probably goes a long way, especially foreign languages.

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP – This company also completes transcripts in most fields including general, legal and medical. The application asks questions about commitment times and experience and states most transcribers fail their test so they are most likely looking for training and experience. We find this is pretty standard, your attention to detail and following guidelines is imperative in finding transcription work!