This is the first in a series of short articles we will do that go beyond legal transcription generally. We’ll call them the Opportunities Series which include other types of businesses that can use your legal transcribing services. The reason we feel this is important to lay out for you is so that you open your mind and your opportunities to take what you have learned and prepared to do in the legal realm and increase your reach, your marketability as a legal transcriptionist, and of course to increase your income.

Countless businesses are in the market for high-quality interviews transcription and/or focus groups transcriptions. You and/or your team can be an important resource for market research professionals, and if your accuracy, timeliness, and reliability are essential business practices, you can expand your reach to provide timely turn-around times for those organizations needing focus group transcription services.

We know that market research covers an endless range of topics from medical, pharmaceutical, the tech industry (including software and hardware surveys), general business, public health and safety, and yes, even the legal realm. There are virtually no industries that don’t or can’t benefit from consumer feedback, and transcription services for such inquiries are in demand. Market research can be an essential supplement to your success and increased income, particularly if there are period of downturns in your “bread-and-butter” transcription services.

As always, high attention to detail and accuracy are critical. We know and completely understand the importance of capturing all of the dialogue and to do so with unparalleled accuracy. We understand how one wrong word or one incorrect punctuation mark can compromise the integrity of the discussion. We know that clients require an accurate depiction of all of the spoken words and dialogue, whether the discussion is one-on-one or a speaker engaging a group of others.

We can tell you from our experience that there are additional benefits as well about what’s going on in the world around you. We have provided services for focus groups which have included:

– Transition from Prison to Society (and the organizations that serve them).

– Feedback on a wide range of technology software and hardware products.

– Political Resource focus groups.

– Movie and other entertainment focus groups.

– Medical Study Findings on topics such as Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and more.

– School-To-Prison Pipeline (and how to improve outcomes for disadvantaged people).

So while those benefits are not specifically a part of learning transcription (legal or otherwise), they do offer many of us opportunities to see parts of our world and society from a far different perspective than our own, and gives us insight into situations that we may never normally encounter. So let’s call that an additional education benefit that you’ll gain from just such opportunities.